Information for GP Management Plan (GPMP) and Team Care Arrangement (TCA)


What is a GP Management Plan (GPMP)?
A GP Management Plan is a written plan of management developed by your GP and YOU. The aim is to improve YOUR health and wellbeing and get YOU back on track by managing YOUR specific needs.

Who Benefits from a GP Management Plan?
Any person with long term Health condition that is complex or chronic such as: Diabetes Asthma Arthritis Cancer Heart Disease Osteoporosis

Your GP will decide if you fulfill the eligibility requirements set by Medicare, prior to preparing a plan. Medicare has guidelines on who can and cannot have a GP Management Plan prepared. Your GP will help in making this decision.

What is a Team Care Arrangement (TCA)?
A team care arrangement is created if you and your GP determine you would benefit from seeing other health care providers or allied health professionals to achieve your goals. With your consent, your Doctor will ask the relevant allied health professionals to be part of your care plan.

What is an allied health professional?
Any allied health worker like a physiotherapist, dietitian, podiatrist, audiologist, diabetes nurse, occupational therapist, pharmacist, or exercise physiologist.

How many visits can I have with an allied health professional?
Persons with a GP Management plan and Team Care Arrangement are eligible for 5 subsidised visits (per calendar year in total, i.e. 3 Physiotherapy 2 Podiatry etc) to see allied health professionals. Generally, you will need to see these people more than 5 times to achieve your goals.

Will it cost anything to see an allied health professional at PHYSIOHEALTH with a GPMP and TCA?
To see a Physiotherapist at PHYSIOHEALTH under this scheme the fee of $72(which is less than our usual fee) is charged and can be paid using EFTPOS Savings or Credit, or cash. We can claim the rebate – $54.60 – from MEDICARE via our HICAPS terminal. However, we do require a bank card which accesses a Savings or Cheque account as MEDICARE will not reimburse into a Credit Account. You must also know your PIN number and have your CURRENT Medicare card.