Exercise Prescription

We offer exercise prescription for weight loss, strength, cardio-vascular fitness, endurance, osteoporosis/osteopenia, diabetes, balance/stability, falls prevention as well as sport specific – eg Golf, Triathlon, soccer, rugby and basketball to name a few.

Knowing where to start and overcoming motivational issues can be the biggest barrier a person can face when embarking on a healthier lifestyle, we offer techniques and tips to overcome motivational problems, setbacks and flare ups as seen with conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.

We strive to base our exercise prescription around an affordable, time saving and achievable framework. Our exercises are usually based on equipment one would typically find around the home, body resistance exercises, resistive tubing or Pilates based exercises, saving our patients time and money on expensive gym equipment/memberships.

Being experienced Health professionals with a great understanding of what it takes to keep the body fit and healthy as well as where it all goes amiss; PHYSIOHEALTH is the perfect location to get your patients on the pathway to healthier living and reduce the transition to chronicity for multiple conditions including heart disease, obesity, diabetes and joint disease.