At the core of our business is the diagnosis and management of all things musculoskeletal. Our treatment starts with a thorough subjective assessment – how, why what, when and where of the injury, behavior of symptoms, aggravating and easing factors, previous treatment, co-existing conditions and medications and red and yellow flags. Before moving onto the objective assessment – specific structural and functional stress tests, muscle strength and length tests, ROM and neuro-dynamics including interfaces for nerve entrapment as well as function.

Injury Management is achieved through:

  • Advice and education regarding home based injury and pain management –RICER.
  • Unloading injured structures through the use of supportive tapes and braces or assistive aids.
  • Addressing any factors contributing to injury – posture, work position, ergonomic setup, lifting technique, hobbies, training principals such as overload or poor technique, muscle imbalances or joint stiffness/restricted ROM.

Many of the problems presenting to Physiotherapy have developed secondary to a past injury that had been managed poorly. Therefore treatment of the presenting problem may include addressing old injuries and assessment of adjacent joints. For this reason it is important to have all injuries assessed, diagnosed and treated professionally from the first instance.

Treatments may include soft tissue and joint massage/mobilization, electrotherapy, acupuncture, stretching, manipulation, hydrotherapy, prescribed exercises and Pilates. Once we can settle the acute symptoms the treatment focus moves toward rehabilitation in order to return a person to their pre-injury level of function within their workplace or sport and to prevent a re-occurrence of their injury. This is done through the prescription of a targeted and patient/condition specific exercise and stretching regime.