National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Physiohealth is proud to be a Registered NDIS provider under the National Disability and Insurance Scheme.
We treat every Participant with respect.
We recognise the significance of matching the right staff member to meet your needs and consider a number of factors, such as personality, language, culture, and skill requirements.

Once you access our services you will be involved in an assessment which will help you communicate your needs, strengths and wants to our staff. You will be fully involved in the assessment and may have an advocate, your family, and any people you wish involved in the process. You will be provided with a copy of the assessment.

Following the assessment, we will work with you to develop a support care plan. This will help you to communicate to staff what you need us to do to support you. You will be requested to sign your care plan in acknowledgement of your involvement in its development and you will also be provided with a copy. Your plan will be reviewed at regular intervals (min – annual) with you to reflect your progress and any changes you want to the support being provided.

If you would like to refer a NDIS Participant, please complete the REFERRAL FORM by clicking the button below.