Sports Physiotherapy

Our staff are all keen athletes, many at elite representative level, so they are very aware of the demands on an athlete’s body and what is required to keep in peak physical condition.

A strong rehabilitation team is essential for the successful return of the athlete to their chosen activity level. Whether it is a 10 year old soccer player, an elite netballer with an ACL reconstruction or a 55 year old runner who just loves what they do, team work is the key. We like to work with clients, physicians and coaches to keep our community moving. Therapists discuss client’s goals with clients and guide, motivate and educate them with an emphasis on lifelong participation in sport or physical activity. Our programs are based on current research and evidence-based practice.

Our Physiotherapists are happy to educate the athlete in correct taping methods to support and prevent injuries.

Our Massage therapists are trained in pre and post-match preparation/recovery and can play a vital role in keeping you on the field of play.